How it works

How it works

Deposit your money and let it work for you. Given enough time, earnings can grow exponentially thanks to the power of compound interest.

It’s really easy

Create a diversified portfolio to protect your investment and earn more stable returns.

Get steady returns

Borrowers pay back loans in regular installments plus interest.

What makes us special

We do not issue loans – they are brought to the platform by our partner lending companies from around the world.

We facilitate free and eficient movement of capital

My Sunday Marketplace facilitates access to an international credit rights marketplace. Credit right holders and investors are seamlessly connected to a hassle-free way of investing with potential profitability, through which we match selling and buying intentions.

How we are protecting your money

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All loans disbursed by the loan originators are backed by collateral

Your capital is at risk and is not protected by any financial services compensation scheme.

Trust & Transparency

Electronic Money Institution (EMI) account protection

Your funds are deposited in a regulated Electronic Money Institution (EMI),which complies with the required European regulations.

Regulatory compliance

We follow strict global standards with each of our clients on investor profiling (KYC) and money laundering prevention (AML).

Multi-level profile protection

Two factor authentication is used to ensure the security of your account


Receive notifications and updates on your claim portfolio, earnings and other transactions.

Broad diversification

Do you know the expression "don't put all your eggs into one basket"? Diversification is an important component of reaching long-term financial goals while minimizing risk. At Sunday Marketplace, we offer higher levels of diversification since we divide investments between different loan originators. Our products offer different rates of return and deposit terms. And the best of all? It happens automatically!

Extensive due diligence

Before accepting the loans from an originator, we execute in-depth due diligence procedure on each prospective Loan Originator. We perform thorough analysis of financial statements, management quality, underwriting policy, credit scoring, investment portfolio performance, and data accuracy to ensure that the Loan Originator follows the strict risk standards we have set. After the launch of the partnership, we continue monitoring the investment for risks on an ongoing basis.

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