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How loans come to Marketplace

Lending companies provide alternative financing to individuals and small businesses. We check that the companies we work with have a strong track record in loan origination, professional risk management, and a solid financial standing. To help fund the loans they issue, lending companies make them available to investors on Sunday Marketplace.

Smart Products

Purchase claim rights of mulitple loans issued by different lending companies to borrowers around the world through Smart Products.


An easy way to potentially earn returns from Smart Products. Just set an amount, choose a term and that's it. We will do the rest.


Choose to automatically repurchase claims with your returns so your money can work continuously and potentially earn even more interest.

When you need your money


If you need your money, you resell the purchased claims even if the loan parts haven't reached maturity, provided there is enough liquidity to assign your claim. Please see risk warning for more information.

Cash out

Tell us how much you want to withdraw. We’ll sell claims in your portfolio to other users and credit the money to your account.

Manage risk smartly

Spreading risk over many different loans is a tried and true way to reduce your risk – and earn more stable returns.

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